Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pretty Soon!

I think I figured out some of the weirdness. This spring break feels so different because it’s the last one! Actually, not having an assignment due in the morning will be a reality for longer than a week pretty soon!


Can I just wear my cap and gown from now until that blessed day in May?

My time off after graduation is going to be glorious. I’m already looking at grad schools, however. And they sure aren’t in Mississippi! Where is this gal going to end up? This one has been spiking the radar lately but who knows!

Colorado State University Rams




Going to be a very interesting year!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weird and Excited!

Hey there, Reader-Friends!

I have a weird feeling.

I know there should be more to that sentence…you feel weird about what, Amber? Nothing really, and yet everything. I feel weird because it’s spring break and I have no assignments due this morning. I didn’t spend my entire ever loving day copy-editing articles for the newspaper yesterday. I have no way to communicate with Chad for the next week since he is out in the wilderness of the Texas canyons doing a recreation trip with our school’s outdoor program. I finally have a few minutes to write on the blog and I’m just not sure how I feel about my page right now. Things are just strange.

I have a to-do list, however. Of course, it’s rather too long for someone who is on “break!” But on the upside, I’m looking forward to jetting off on Friday for…drum roll, please…


Pinned Image


Oh, yes. The Big Apple.

As much as being copy-editor for the university’s paper makes me want to kick, scream and pull my hair out, there ARE benefits. And a trip to NYC for a college media conference just happens to be one of them! I have five work-shifts standing between me and that sky-line! Speaking of work, I should be getting ready for my double today. Listening to G-Love :)…going to need high spirits (and maybe some caffeine!)